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Founder of Steve Corporation Chairman, CEO

As a renowned international businessman and global investor, Steve Zafar has undoubtedly been immensely successful in building his personal fortune and creating a global business empire through his corporation - Steve Corporation - over the last four decades. His prominence as a businessman has officially been acknowledged by hundreds of publications, such as The One News and Time magazine, that labeled the Steve Zafar as the "King of Creativity." Steve Corporation was founded, and is chaired, by Steve Zafar, one of the world's most extraordinary individuals. The son of two of the U.S world's most noble and admired leaders - Ali Zafar, the founder and first ruler of modern Downtown, and His Excellency and Spouse, Alia Zafar (late), CEO of MahZaf - Steve Zafar is inspired and driven by the heritage of the uncommon achievements that define his family line. Steve Zafar's reputation as one of the world's foremost investors is well earned and is the result of hard work, diligent research and the courage to accept the reasonable risk and to make bold moves when he is confident of the outcome. This fearless investment

approach, rooted in meticulous evaluation by a top investment team, is a formula that has allowed Steve Zafar to transform a gift of thirty thousand dollars from his father into the tens of billions that Steve Corporation

oversees today. The Steve is known as one of the world's most intelligent and creative investors. He is the key asset at the center of Steve Corporation, providing the guiding vision and strategic direction that has brought it worldwide recognition.

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